ADS BIOTEC LAUNCHES Hanabi-piii plus metaphase chromosome harvester for high throughput cytogenetic labs

 Designed for today’s Cytogenetic Labs requiring increased productivity and throughput with consistent, professional quality.

March 9th, 2016 – Tampa, Florida: ADS Biotec, a global leader in development of automated instruments and consumables for use in cytogenetic, pathology and research laboratories has introduced its latest HANABI Metaphase Chromosome Harvester.  The HANABI P-III Plus harvester is designed for today’s cytogenetic laboratories requiring increased productivity and throughput along with consistent and professional quality.

The HANABI P-III Plus incorporates industry leading technology which fully automates the multi-step process of preparing and harvesting metaphase cells derived from blood and bone marrow cell cultures, and from other cell suspension culture for cytogenetic analysis.  Specifically created for large size samples throughput, the HANABI P-III Plus enables processing of up to 64 suspension cultures per run and eliminates variability compared manual processing.

P3P_EU_model” The new HANABI P-III Plus includes many advanced features including 64-sample walk-away harvesting capability, providing our customers with unprecedented increase in productivity and cost savings,” said Stavros Papadimitriou, Product Marketing Manager of ADS Biotec.  He further added that “We are pleased to continue to offer our customers the most advanced automation for cytogenetic laboratories, combined with superior customer service and application support”.

The HANABI P-III Plus offers automated sample processing, flexible Hypotonic setting time flexibility, up to 80% increased sample loading efficiency, resulting in significant reduction in hands-on time for the entire harvesting process.  The product has gone through extensive testing both in-house and at early customer sites with very high throughput requirements.

“With the introduction of our newest HANABI harvester product, we continue our leadership role in bringing automation and cost efficiencies to the Cytogenetic laboratories,” said Vijay Dube, President & CEO of ADS Biotec.  “We are committed to working closely with our customers and partners in developing novel technology and products for Cytogenetics and Pathology markets”.

ADS Biotec will demonstrate its HANABI product line at the Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting (ACMG-2016) in Tampa, FL (March 9-11) at booth #911.

About ADS Biotec

ADS Biotec is a global leader in the development, manufacture and sale of automated instruments and consumables for use in cytogenetic, pathology and research laboratories.  Our flagship HANABI Metaphase Chromosome Harvesters and Spreaders designed for cytogenetic laboratories provide increased productivity and throughput with the consistent quality. ADS Biotec has a global presence with development, sales, and support operations on three continents, and users in over 30 Countries.   We are recognized by our customers for our advanced instrumentation, superior customer service, scientific application support, and a very knowledgeable sales force.


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