Dramatically reduces hands-on time for the entire staining process, providing high throughput with consistent, professional quality.

January 9th, 2017 – Tokyo – Japan, Glasgow – UK & Omaha – Nebraska: ADS Biotec, a global leader in development of automated instruments and consumables for use in cytogenetic, pathology and research laboratories has launched its newest HANABI automated system for Chromosome Banding.  The innovative HANABI S-1020 Auto Chromosome Staining System is designed to dramatically reduce hands-on time for the entire staining process, and is ideal for laboratories requiring increased productivity and throughput along with consistent and professional quality.
hanabi-s1020The HANABI S-1020 fully automates the multi-step chromosome staining process, providing highly consistent results compare to manual processing methods.  The instrument dramatically reduces hands-on time of the entire staining process by incorporating a unique and patent-pending UV Aging Mechanism, providing increased throughput for your laboratory.  The S-1020, capable of processing 20 slides at a time, operates in a continuous loading mode which allows the user to load additional samples during operation.

”The new HANABI S-1020 brings tremendous innovation to the Cytogenetics Laboratory workflow, including the unique UV aging feature and 20 slides walk away capability, providing our customers with unprecedented increase in productivity and cost savings,” said Stavros Papadimitriou, Director of Product Marketing at ADS Biotec.  He further added that “We are pleased to continue to offer our customers the most advanced automation for cytogenetic laboratories, combined with superior customer service and application support”.

The HANABI S-1020 is easy to use with a touch screen control panel and high level commands.  Like all HANABI instruments, the S-1020 is robust in design requiring low maintenance even under continuous operations.

“The HANABI S-1020 was designed in close collaboration with leading Cytogenetics laboratories, ensuring that the instrument meets our customer’s most stringent requirements,” said Yuki Kojima, Director of Engineering at ADS Biotec.  He further added that “The product has gone through extensive testing both in-house and at early customer sites.  We are committed to working closely with our customers and partners in developing novel technology and products for Cytogenetics and Pathology markets”.

The HANABI S-1020 is available now – please visit www.adsbiotec.com for further information.

About ADS Biotec

ADS Biotec is a global leader in the development, manufacture and sale of automated instruments and consumables for use in cytogenetic, pathology and research laboratories.  Our flagship HANABI Metaphase Chromosome Harvesters and Spreaders designed for cytogenetic laboratories provide increased productivity and throughput with the consistent quality. ADS Biotec has a global presence with development, sales, and support operations on three continents, and users in over 30 Countries.   We are recognized by our customers for our advanced instrumentation, superior customer service, scientific application support, and a very knowledgeable sales force.


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