The Grenoble team is very happy and honored to welcome you to the heart of its mountains of the September 27 to 29, 2021 for September 30th symposium of the ATC (Association of Technicians in Cytogenetics) and the 25th conference of the ACLF (Association des Cytogénéticiens de Langue Française). These biennials are an opportunity to bring together nearly 400 people (medical practitioners or pharmacists, scientists, engineers, technicians, genetic advisors) around cytogenetics and through its different fields: constitutional (pre and postnatal), onco-hematological or tumor. These days will be an opportunity to update our knowledge on both fundamental and practical topics around chromosomes and their pathologies. Current topics and innovative techniques will be at the heart of this congress as well as the most recent collaborative studies.


Bandeau - ATC-ACLF 2021