Fully Automated Chromosome Harvesting

Increased Laboratory Productivity  |  Highly Consistent Results |  Walk-away Reliability

We Have the Right-sized Harvester for Your Laboratory

ADS BIOTEC offers three harvester platforms to meet the requirements of small to large sample throughput laboratories.


Samples: 1 to 16

Size (mm): 850 x 1,600 x 700


Samples: 1 to 24

Size (mm): 990  x 1855  x 710


Samples: 1 to 64

Size (mm): 1005  x 2200  x 730


Samples: 1 to 64 NEED INFO

Size (mm): NEED INFO

The Advantage of Using Hanabi Chromosome Harvestors

  • Increases laboratory productivity by reducing hands-on time and increasing throughput

  • Provides exceptional consistency and reliability

  • Select your program, press START and walk away

  • Simple and user-friendly customizable protocols

  • Optimized protocols for specific cell types including blood, bone marrow, and other types of suspension cultures

  • Delivers cells with less debris for cleaner spreads and high mitotic index

  • Cell pellets are ready for dropping using HANABI PIV or PV Metaphase Auto-Spreaders after final fix, or can be manually spread

  • Harvests fully suited for FISH, G-Banding, cytological or immuncytochemical analysis

  • Lab proven – worldwide success!

Fully Programmable Automated Process

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