HANABI-PIV Metaphase Auto-Spreader

The HANABI-PIV reduces hands-on time of the entire spreading process allowing time for other specialized tasks, providing increased throughput for your laboratory.
Temperature, humidity and airflow are set and rapidly stabilize thus ensuring that when chromosomes are dropped and spread on microscope slides, they are dried in a consistent and reproducible manner. Excessive spreading and chromosome overlaps are minimized, facilitating better yields of metaphase analysis. The samples tubes and slides are tracked by bar codes. Crossing of the chromosomes is minimal, and after automated spreading can be analysed on the completed slide.

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Product Description

ADS Biotec offers the most advanced and state-of -the-art technology in cytogenetics automation. The HANABI-PIV Metaphase Auto-Spreader is an automated instrument that provides optimised environmental conditions for the preparation of metaphase chromosome spreads.
Specifically created for large-size samples throughput, the HANABI-PIV automatically processes 48 samples or 96 slides per run.

Features and Benefits
-Increased Laboratory Productivity
-Sample integrity is maintained in the temperature controlled environment
-Highly consistent spreading results
-48 samples/ 96 slides walk-away capability
-Touch screen control panel
-6 Adjustable spreading protocols
-Low maintenance and ease of use

Number of samples48 samplesUses bar code reader
Number of slides96 slidesUses bar code reader
Size of samples tube15ml conical tubeD=17mm, PP, PS
Slide glass76 x 26 (t+0.8-1.2) mm76x26, 75x25
Dispenser tipGilson D200Uses 200 µl tip
Sample volume1 mlMin: 0.2 ml, Effective amount: 1 ml
Dropped volume of sample5-50 µl / spot2 spots mode: 5-30 µl / spot
Dropped volume of fixative5-50 µl / spot2 spots mode: 5-30 µl / spot
Number of spot(s) per slide1-2 
Additional fixative dropping time30-90 secUsing fixative-adding mode
Processing time3.0 hrs (appox.)48 samples / 96 slides
Protocol selection6A, B, C, D, E, F
Tilting base5/10 degreesUsing tilting mode
Dry-index Settings6-12HANABI dry-index allows sample optimization
Bar code reader20 digits (max)V400-R (OMRON), QR, Data matrix, RSS, Barcode
Operating environment15-25 0ºC, 20-60% relative humidity Non-condensing, Non-freezing
Storage environment0-40 0ºC, 9-95% relative humidityNon-condensing, Non-icing
Atmospheric pressure800-114 hPa2,000 meter or lower
Power input voltage100, 120, 230 VAC (+/- 10%)50/60 Hz
Overvoltage category2 
External size mm (W x H x D)1060 x 1680 x 710Without door knob and switches
Weight350 kg (Approx.) 
Safety standardCE markedEN-61010-1
EMCEN-61000-4, EN61326Includes fume hood with charcoal filter (EU version only)

Hanabi Spreader PIV EU Outline
Hanabi Spreader PIV US Outline

HANABI PIV Automated Spreader