QuickGene Auto240L

ADS Biotec offers the most advanced and state-of -the-art technology in laboratory automation. The QuickGene-Auto240L uses a patented porous membrane to realize the highest quality and yield in Nucleic acid extraction. This is the first automated system using the QuickGene unique membrane production technology to isolate 2ml whole blood genomic DNA from primary sample tubes to final DNA storage tubes. The QuickGene-Auto240L fully automates the entire Nucleic acid purification process delivering high throughput processing in routine analytical laboratories offering quick processing time and ease of use technology.

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Product Description

Fully automated system for nucleic acid extraction and rapid isolation of DNA from a variety of samples. The QuickGene technology utilizes an ultra thin polymer membrane for efficient capture of nucleic acids. This novel technology allows for isolation of high quality DNA with high yields, suitable for a wide range of applications. The system is capable of processing 24 samples with volumes up to 2mL.


Key Features

Automated large volume whole blood DNA extraction
Fully automated DNA extraction process from primary tube to final DNA storage tubes, ensuring cross-contamination-free and no human error processing.
Automates “Sample transfer from primary tube”, “Making lysate”, “DNA Binding”, “DNA Washing” and “DNA Elution” ensuring complete samples tracking. Performs DNA isolation of 24 samples within approx. 1 hour.
QuickGene Auto240L Process

Patented porous membrane
The nucleic acid adsorptive medium used in QuickGene-Auto240L is a porous membrane developed through application of advanced polymer membrane production technology. It is only 80μm thick, making it incomparably thinner than conventional glass fibers. Because of the outstanding adsorptive and desorptive performances of the membrane, nucleic acid can be rapidly and reliably isolated at low pressure without being damage, which realizes high-quality nucleic acid isolation. QuickGene Auto240L Membrane

High-yield, High-purity
Full barcode reading system
Reads and records barcodes on both primary tubes and DNA storage tubes using internal barcode scanners. Multiple operators and multiple applications are allowed. Sample IDs and operation history can be automatically saved by the machine and electronic file can be exported by USB memory stick.

UV irradiation
Built-in UV Lamp enables decontamination and minimizes the sample cross-contamination.

Sample liquid level detection
Provides liquid level detection for accurate pipetting using positive air pressure.

QuickGene Auto240L Barcoding
Throughput1 to 24 samples per run
Primary tube sizesΦ 16x100mmΦ 13x100mmΦ 13x75mm
DNA storage tubes2D barcoded MatrixTM 1.4ml tube or 1.5ml Microtube
ProtocolWhole blood 2ml/1ml, Plasma 2ml/1ml, Saliva 2ml
Instrument componentsRobot unit
Lysate preparation unit
Isolation unit
Tip ejector
Loading position of sample
Loading position of consumable
LED light
UV lamp
Barcode verification system
Electric controlInternal microprocessor
Operating methodTouch screen
Supply VoltageAC100-240V
DimensionsW1,280 x D990 x H720 mm
WeightApprox. 300kg

QuickGene Auto240L


• Genomic DNA Extraction from Whole Blood of Human
• Genomic DNA Extraction from Frozen Blood
• Genomic DNA Extraction from Concentrated Blood
• Genomic DNA Extraction from Buffy Coat
• Circulating cell-free DNA Extraction from Plasma
• Genomic DNA Extraction from Saliva
• Genomic DNA Extraction from Animal Tissue
• Genomic DNA Extraction from Plant Tissue

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