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HyperSpectral imaging represents an enabling technology for a broad spectrum of applications in biomedical imaging.

It combines spectroscopy, multi-dimensional imaging and computing to define the chemical composition of a biological specimen.  The underlying principle is the simultaneous measurement of the detailed spectrum of every pixel in the image captured by the CCD array of the digital camera. HyperSpectral Imaging can be used to obtain fluorescence or bright field spectra, such as absorption, transmission, or reflection. The HyperSpectral image allows you to precisely locate chemical constituents providing unique and unparalleled insights into the molecular origin, formulation and phase of the observed living entity.

GenASI’s HyperSpectral platform is based on  Fourier Transform Spectroscopy . The system simultaneously measures the spectra  for each point in the image (pixel) in the visual and low-near infrared (NIR) range. The system can be attached to any microscope

The spectral images are analyzed by a unique software package, SpectraView.

SpectraView has multiple analysis capabilities which are based on novel image analysis algorithms.


  • Wide spectral-range, revealing hidden information
  • Un-mixing multiple colors, resolving co-localized image components
  • Removing background signals, in bright field and fluorescence

GenASIs SpectraView Capabilities


  • Uncover chemically similar areas hidden to the eye.
  • Create color-coded maps of chemical similarities and differences.  Compare the chemical makeup of components between different images.
  • Choose a region with the qualities you want to analyze, GenASIs SpectraView automatically finds all the other similar regions in the image


  • Separate spectral components to view them as individual image layers.
  • Automatically detect objects and classify them based on quantitative morphological and spectral content.
  • Each layer is displayed as a separate image so no information is obscured



  • Un-mix spectral components and remove background, providing accurate, quantitative, spectral content at each pixel.
  • Extract information from the selected regions to quantify dye concentration, intensity, size and shape


Enhance images automatically with brightness and contrast tools and provide customized reports, including images and notes.  Connect with ASI’s advanced data manager system, Case Data Manager, and export the information in common spreadsheet formats

ASI develops image analysis & diagnostic tools for clinical and research applications. The company’s GenASIs platform integrates within the existing workflow of the microscope and LIS framework, improving upon the lab’s capabilities by providing a turn-key solution capable of slide capture, image analysis, case report and sign-out. With ASI, labs achieve higher throughput and enhanced clinical results based on accurate, reproducible and standardized analysis.

ASI specializes in cytogenetic and pathology applications, and currently supports brightfield and fluorescent microscopes for karyotype, in-situ hybridization (ISH) and immuno-histochemistry (IHC) applications. And with our unique capabilities in HyperSpectral imaging, ASI is also the leading supplier of spectral imaging microscopes to research labs around the globe.


Via an array of modular add-on tools which increase functionality and efficiency, ASI offers a custom-fit solution to any sized lab.

The GenASIs™ automated imaging platforms for genetic and pathology analysis provide state of the art diagnostic aids for pathologists and cytogeneticists, with reproducible and reliable results. The GenASIs platforms can be used with any brand of brightfield or fluorescent microscope, and support manual and automatic scanning for a wide range of workflows and applications, to best suit the needs, size and budget of any lab’s.

The GenASIs Hyperspectral is an innovative platform for companion diagnostics, providing the perfect solution for un-mixing of multiplexed biomarkers and superb qualitative and quantitative data by coping with many dyes simultaneously, both in brightfield and fluorescent staining.

The GenASIs platform is FDA cleared for FISH clinical applications such as ALK, UroVysion, HER2/neu, CEP XY and Karyotyping. ASI complies with major regulatory requirements and international quality standards.

ASI, the industry’s leading microscopy imaging solution provider since 1993, has dozens of registered patents in the US, Europe and Japan and thousands of systems deployed worldwide. ASI has worldwide offices in the US, Europe and Asia and a global network of distributors.

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