SpotScan software for GenASIs Capture & Analysis Platform + mCounter

Single User Software License Spot Counting – GenASIs SpotScan Including dedicated parameters for GenASIs Her2 FISH for installing on GenASIs Capture & Analysis Platform including Foot pedal for Capturing images and Single User Software License GenASIs mCounter inclusive of Wireless Keypad for all platforms

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Product Description

Automated FISH Spot Counting

Automated FISH Signal Detection, Classification and Enumeration

GenASIs provides an advanced FISH signal detection, enumeration and classification solution for automated high-volume, high-accuracy FISH analysis.

GenASIs Scan & Analysis FISH supports many probes out of the box and is configurable to work with all FISH probes through its open architecture. GenASIs Scan & Analysis FISH includes a robotic scanner with a 9-slide or an optional 81-slide automated slide feeder for “walkaway” functionality, allowing automated slide analysis, documentation and reporting. The system supports fully interactive, semi-automated and fully-automated operations to suit any lab’s workflow.

GenASIs Scan & Analysis FISH preserves images, reports and analysis in an advanced bioinformatics case data management system (CDM) which comes standard with the system. Images, patient information and reports are managed by CDM, ensuring complete and accurate reference and documentation.


  • Automated scoring of large numbers of cells, with remote review outside of the dark room
  • Dramatic reduction in scanning time using an intelligent “pre-scan” to identify optimal regions of interest
  • Advanced image processing algorithms enable cell cluster and signal overlap detection and analysis
  • Faint signals detection and classification from a high-sensitive camera and computer aided image enhancements

GenASIs SpotScan is cleared to be used as an adjunctive automated enumeration tool for GenASIs ALK, GenASIs BandView, GenASIs FISHView, GenASIs UroVysion, GenASIs CEP XY and GenASIs HER2/neu FISH.

ASI develops image analysis & diagnostic tools for clinical and research applications. The company’s GenASIs platform integrates within the existing workflow of the microscope and LIS framework, improving upon the lab’s capabilities by providing a turn-key solution capable of slide capture, image analysis, case report and sign-out. With ASI, labs achieve higher throughput and enhanced clinical results based on accurate, reproducible and standardized analysis.

ASI specializes in cytogenetic and pathology applications, and currently supports brightfield and fluorescent microscopes for karyotype, in-situ hybridization (ISH) and immuno-histochemistry (IHC) applications. And with our unique capabilities in HyperSpectral imaging, ASI is also the leading supplier of spectral imaging microscopes to research labs around the globe.


Via an array of modular add-on tools which increase functionality and efficiency, ASI offers a custom-fit solution to any sized lab.

The GenASIs™ automated imaging platforms for genetic and pathology analysis provide state of the art diagnostic aids for pathologists and cytogeneticists, with reproducible and reliable results. The GenASIs platforms can be used with any brand of brightfield or fluorescent microscope, and support manual and automatic scanning for a wide range of workflows and applications, to best suit the needs, size and budget of any lab’s.

The GenASIs Hyperspectral is an innovative platform for companion diagnostics, providing the perfect solution for un-mixing of multiplexed biomarkers and superb qualitative and quantitative data by coping with many dyes simultaneously, both in brightfield and fluorescent staining.

The GenASIs platform is FDA cleared for FISH clinical applications such as ALK, UroVysion, HER2/neu, CEP XY and Karyotyping. ASI complies with major regulatory requirements and international quality standards.

ASI, the industry’s leading microscopy imaging solution provider since 1993, has dozens of registered patents in the US, Europe and Japan and thousands of systems deployed worldwide. ASI has worldwide offices in the US, Europe and Asia and a global network of distributors.

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