Hanabi Testimonials

“We have been working with the Hanabi PII since 2007.We are very pleased with it. The automation of harvesting has led to more consistent results. The Hanabi has proven to be very reliable and customer friendly. We are very pleased with the company and the service provided. Response in case of problems is very quick and accurate. I would recommend the Hanabi PII to every cytogenetic lab”

Hans Wessels
Senior Hoofdanalist
VU Medisch Centrum
Lokatie PK0X-011
De Boelelaan 1117
1081 HV Amsterdam

“We have been working with the Hanabi Harvester PI for 2 years now. We are very happy with the mechanical handling and reliability of the harvester.
The outcome as well as the consistency of the results is comparable to manual preparation.
We do very much appreciate the automation and the time saving.
Technical service and support by ADS BIOTEC is very well organized.
Signed:IMMD GmbH, Berlin”

The ADSTEC instruments represent the best solution for cytogenetics laboratories to increase quality, standardization, reliability and reproducible; their flexibility allowed us to use a single robust protocol for both peripheral blood and bone marrow samples maximizing the lab efficiency. Moreover service assistance and technical support by ADS BIOTEC are excellent.​

Dr. Lucia Zanatta and Dr. Laura Valori
Senior Cytogenetists
Anatomy Pathology Unit
Treviso Regional Hospital-Italy