Panoptiq for Digital Pathology

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  A Different Way of Doing Digital Pathology

Panoptiq from ViewsIQ is an end-to-end digital pathology solution that allows you to scan, store, and share your slides using our microscope-based scanning software and cloud-based sharing portal.

Panoptiq-Product-PhotoScan your slides instantly

Digitize your slide as you view them. With Panoptiq’s dynamic slide mapping technology, you can create whole-slide images with your slides using your existing microscope and computer. Then, capture and embed high-magnification regions of interest at up to 100x within your scans.


thinpreppapstockSee through the z-axis

Capture every cellular detail along the z-axis with Panoptiq’s continuous 3-D focusing. Whereas whole slide scanners capture images at predefined planes of focus, Panoptiq scrolls through the focus of the entire thickness of a sample. The 3-D volumes generated are then automatically integrated into the scans, creating annotated maps of 3-D regions.



Processed with VSCO with s2 presetCollaborate with ease

Once a slide is scanned, simply upload it to the Portal where you can access it anytime and anywhere, on another computer or any type of mobile device. You can also include case documents and notes to your slide, so that you can easily share and communicate your case with your colleagues.




At a fraction of the complexity and cost of any other digital pathology solution, Panoptiq is the best solution for leveraging the advantages of digital pathology.



Having a digital slide is only half the story. With Panoptiq, you can include case notes and other modality images so you have the whole clinical record.


Simple to learn. Fast to use. Scan a slide in minutes, upload it to the cloud, and instantly share it with your colleagues.


With no expensive whole slide scanners to buy, maintain, and operate, Panoptiq is the most affordable solution for leveraging the advantages of digital pathology.

– For Research Use Only –

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