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ADS Biotec, along with its parent company ADSTEC (Japan), is a global leader in the development, manufacture and sale of automated instruments and consumables for use in cytogenetic, pathology and research laboratories.

CellWriter™ S2 Workstation

The CellWriter S2 is a robotic workstation that produces slides for both Karyotyping and FISH. By integrating BioDot’s nanoliter dispenser (BioJet™) with advanced temperature and humidity control, we have developed a highly efficient system that produces quality slides.

The CellWriter S2 processes 24 slides per batch.

– For Research Use Only –

SKU: CWB240-S2

The dropping process has remained a highly manual technique for years, leaving an automation void between harvesters and microscopes.  The CellWriter system now completes the continuum by automating the dropping process to deliver quality spread interphase and metaphase nuclei for analysis.

BioDot further simplifies the workflow by introducing a patented slide technology. FISHArray Slides™ enable multiplexed FISH assays and eliminate the need for rubber cement when preparing for hybridization (a step that is both messy and time consuming).

Normalization barcoded tubes are loaded onto the CellWriter platform. The instrument samples each tube and measures cell concentration before dropping to ensure a consistent number of cells are applied to each reaction areas (automated dilution or concentration on the fly).

ADS Biotec has exclusive rights to market and distribute BioDot’s CellWriter products in North America, Europe and Russia.

  • Automated cell dropping
  • Automated probe/DAPI dispensing
  • Automated coverslipping
  • Improve metaphase spread quality
  • Perform up to 8 assays on one slide
  • Reduce probe/assay cost
  • Remove the need for rubber cement
  • 24-slide processing capability
  • Real-time probe inventory management
Items Specifications Remarks
Dispense volume dynamic range 100 nL to 10 uL
Dispense volume precision ± 5%
Humidity control Ambient to 70% RH ± 5%
Slide temperature 4° C to 65° C +/- 1° C
Fume filtering Specialty-blended filter media Acid gas, Mercury, Aldehyde, Ammonia
Dispense channels per system (sample/probe) 1
Slides per batch Up to 24
Samples per batch Up to 12
Probes per batch Up to 48
Barcode scanning Linear (all standard formats), 2D (data matrix, QR), stacked (PDF417, GS1 databar)
Option LIMS Integration
FISHArray Slides

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