The QuickGene Auto240L Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System is designed to process up to 24 large-volume blood samples in a single, one-hour run. Its patented technology uses a unique porous membrane to isolate 2 mL whole blood genomic DNA from primary samples and deliver the highest quality throughput yields. The QuickGene Auto240L fully automates the entire nucleic acid isolation process in routine analytical laboratories, making extracting and purification quick and easy. A full range of DNA extraction kits is also available.

The QuickGene Auto240L-IVD, when used in combination with the QuickGene DNA Whole Blood Kit L-IVD, is intended for use as an in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical device to perform automated DNA extraction from whole blood. The isolated DNA is suitable for use in amplification-based IVD assays.