HANABI PVI Metaphase Spreader

The HANABI PVI Metaphase Spreader offers the best control to spread cell suspensions to make the chromosome metaphase specimen slides used to analyze chromosomes using FISH, CGH, and G-banding. The specimen slides of various cells can be made by adjusting spreading conditions.

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The HANABI PVI Metaphase Spreader has been designed to provide optimized environmental conditions for metaphase chromosome spread preparations. Temperature, humidity and airflow are set and rapidly stabilized so when chromosomes are dropped and spread on microscope slides, they are dried in a consistent and reproducible manner. Excessive spreading and chromosome overlaps are minimized, giving rise to better yields of analysable metaphases. The chromosome spreading process for conventional G-banding (or equivalent) and FISH analysis of samples derived from blood cells or bone marrow samples, is now more streamlined and can easily be carried out regardless of skill level. Protocols requiring cells and chromosomes are spread on the entire slide can be achieved using the tilted slide.

Features and Benefits
• Highly consistent spreading results
• Low maintenance and ease of use
• Smallest benchtop space requirements in the market
• Rapid, time-saving stabilization of internal environment
• Increased yield of analysable metaphases over traditional methods
• Easily controlled environment
• Sample fluid volume: 10-30 μL per sample
• New top cover design increases spreading quality
• Five slides capacity

DisplayTemperature base block wall, humidifying tank, dryness levelThese have offsets
Pipette2-200 μl tipPipette guide set dropping height
Dropping Volume10 μl - 30 μl Can be set with pipetman
Slide Glass76 X 26 (t+0.8-1.2) mm
Slide Cassette5 glass slides1 to 5 slides can be produced at a time
Humidifying Water Tank10 hours without refillContinuous use
Operating Environment15 - 25ºC, 20 -60% relative humidity Non-condensing
Storage Environment0 - 40ºC, 10 - 90% relative humidityNon-condensing
External Size (W X H X D)

400 X 320 X 380 (closed)

400 X 560 X 520 (open)
Small footprint six fits on a standard laboratory benchtop
Weight18 Kg
Safety StandardsCE marked

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