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HANABI P5 Metaphase Auto-Spreader

The HANABI P5 Metaphase Auto-Spreader allows for optimization of environmental conditions for the preparation of metaphase chromosome spreads. Temperature, humidity and airflow are set and rapidly stabilize, thus ensuring that when chromosomes are dropped and spread on microscope slides, they are dried in a consistent and reproducible manner. Excessive spreading and chromosome overlaps are minimized, facilitating better yields of metaphase analysis. The samples tubes and slides are tracked by bar codes (unique feature). The chromosome spreading process for conventional FISH, CGH and G-banding analysis of samples derived from blood cells or bone marrow samples is now more streamlined and consistent. Crossing of the chromosomes is minimal, and, after automated spreading, can be analysed on the completed slide. Protocols requiring that cells and chromosomes are spread on the entire slide can be achieved using an optional tilted slide block.

The system, HANABI P5, is available as CE-IVD certified for the European market.

SKU: HCMS-99-0005-A; HNB-99-00P5-B (CE-IVD)

ADS Biotec offers the most advanced and state-of -the-art technology in cytogenetics automation. The HANABI P5 Metaphase Auto-Spreader is an automated instrument designed especially for small to mid-size labs — processing up to 10 samples or 20 slides per run.

The HANABI P5 Metaphase Auto-Spreader fits on a benchtop making it ideal for small spaces.

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  • Increased laboratory productivity
  • Unique bar code tracking feature
  • Highly consistent spreading results
  • Benchtop size
  • 10 samples / 20 slides walk-away capability
  • Touch screen control panel
  • 6 adjustable spreading protocols
  • Low maintenance and ease of use
  • Additional features available
Items Specifications Remarks
Number of samples 10 samples Uses bar code reader
Number of slides 20 slides Uses bar code reader
Size of samples tube 15 mL conical tube D=17 mm, PP, PS
Slide glass 76 x 26 (t+0.8-1.2) mm 76×26, 75×25
Dispenser tip ADS Biotec PV Dispensing tips Uses 200 µL tip
Sample volume 0.2-0.4 mL
Fixative solution volume 0.2-0.4 mL
Dropped volume of sample 0-40 µL / spot 2 spots mode: 0-40 µL / spot
Dropped volume of fixative 0-40 µL / spot 2 spots mode: 0-40 µL / spot
Number of spot(s) per slide 1-2
Processing time 20 mins (approx.) 10 samples / 20 slides
Protocol selection 6 A, B, C, D, E, F
Tilting base 5/10/15 degrees Using tilting mode
Dry-index settings 6-12 HANABI dry-index allows sample optimization
Bar code reader 30 digits (max) Compatible with different styles of bar codes
Operating environment 15-25º C, 20-60% relative humidity Non-condensing
Storage environment 0-40º C, 9-95% relative humidity Non-condensing, Non-icing
Atmospheric pressure 800-114 hPa 2,000 meters or lower
Power input voltage 100, 120, 230 VAC (+/- 10%) 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 800VA
External size (W x H x D) W700 x H800 x D600 mm Without door knob and switches
Weight 65 kg (approx.)
Safety filter HEPA + carbon filter European version only
Safety standard CE marked EN ISO13485:2016, EN 13641:2002, SO 15223-1:2016,
ISO 23640:2015, EN 62366:2008
SKU Product Description
LUP115 HANABI System Interface P5 (HSI-PV) Captures data output from the HANABI P5 and holds it for retrieval by the operator, or for upload to the user’s Lab Information System computer network.
LUP138 HANABI P5 Dehumidifier Accessory Assists the HANABI P5 to operate above its standard designed operational conditions in environments with high RH and temperature.

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