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Gene Prep Star NA-480

The Gene Prep Star NA-480 is a fully automated genomic DNA isolation system for 0.5 mL up to 7 mL whole blood sample.
Internal bar code scanning for sample tracking

SKU: KNA-99-4800

Fully Automated DNA Isolation

  • Built-in centrifuge achieves fully automated process from collection of white blood cells to precipitation.
  • The NA-480 can process 36 samples in a single run.

Highly Reliable DNA Isolation

  • High accuracy robotics, specially designed 5/6/8 hole tube, and unique chemistry enable consistent isolation of good quality DNA.
  • Inexpensive operating cost.

Wide Range of Sample Volume

  • From 0.5mL to 7mL, the NA-480 isolates genomic DNA from a whole blood sample.
  • 2mL and large volume whole blood DNA isolation protocols
  • Animal tissue, cultured cell, plant DNA, and plasmid DNA isolation protocols.

Operation Recording System

  • Records and reports samples and operation history.
Model Gene Prep Star NA-480
Maximum samples/run 48/36/30
Processing tube Specially designed 8, 6, or 5 hole tube
System components Centrifuge – 6 bucket swing rotor, maximum speed of 3,900rpm (2500G)
Dispenser – Nine channels, syringe model
Tube Transfer – Two (X and Z) axis robot
Agitator unit
HEPA Filter
Stainless table top
Liquid transfer – Decantation
Built-in barcode reader
Sample tracking software
Electric control Internal microprocessor
Screen LCD touch screen panel
Power supply Voltage. AC 100V, 115V, 120V, 200V,220V, 230V, 240V;
Frequency, 50/60Hz; Capacity 1.0 KVA
Dimension W 720mm x D 760mm x H 1535mm/ W 28.3″ x D 29.9″ x H 60.4″
Weight 275kg / 606lbs

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