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Hexylammonium Acetate Solution – HAA 2.0 M

Case of 6 x 200 mL bottles – Hexylammonium Acetate Solution – HAA 2.0 M

SKU: SP5892

Hexylammonium Acetate Solution is a superior ion-pairing reagent from ADS Biotec developed specifically for reversed phase HPLC separations of DNA and RNA. The solution is manufactured for optimum performance in HPLC reversed phase separations whether with double-stranded, partially denatured or fully denatured nucleic acids. The material meets strict quality standards produced within an ISO-9001 certified quality system.

HPLC buffers made using ADS Biotec HAA provide superior (low level) baseline in the chromatographic analysis of nucleic acids.

Figure 1. Repetitive Low-Range Mutation Standard Injections 10 µL

One of the advantages of Optimized buffers is stability. Because the buffers are manufactured under an inert atmosphere, they are stable during storage and after the bottles are opened. From the first to last drop of Optimized Buffer A and B, retention of the heteroduplexes and resolution of the homoduplexes were reproducible for 500 consecutive injections.

Figure 2. Repetitive DNA Sizing Control Sample Injections 10 μL
Retention times are consistent throughout this series of injections; corresponding peak heights and baseline resolution are unchanged.

  • Manufactured with the purest chemicals in a metal-free and clean environment
  • Individual 200 mL bottles are convenient for preparing 2 liters of buffer for RP-HPLC chromatographic separations.
  • Clean baseline and long shelf-life
  • Highly reproducible retention times from batch to batch
  • Eliminates buffer transfer — just open the bottle and connect it to the HPLC system

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