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CYTOClean™ Cleaning Agent

CYTOClean™ Cleaning Agent is suitable for use in HANABI Chromosome Harvesters.

SKU: 554325

CYTOClean is a non-phosphate cleaner specifically tested and developed for use with the HANABI Metaphase Chromosome Harvesters. When used during routine Harvester maintenance, the ready-to-use solution will remove tough-to-clean deposits and buildup that result from routine daily harvesting operations.

CYTOClean™ Cleaning Agent contains an anionic surfactant with a moderately alkaline pH that lifts hard-to-remove deposits and leaves no interfering residues after cleaning when properly rinsed. CYTOClean flushes the HANABI Metaphase Chromosome Harvester during the automated reagent exchange. This ensures optimal reliability with consistent reproducible injections and increased lifetime of the injection pump itself.

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