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Gene Prep Star NA-480 Plus

The Gene Prep Star NA-480 PLUS is a fully automated genomic DNA isolation system for up to a 10.0 mL whole blood sample.
NA-480 PLUS has an internal barcode scanner to verify sample input and DNA output positions.

SKU: KNA-99-480P

Easy to Use
  • Designed for DNA extraction from large volume of whole blood.
  • Automates entire process for genomic DNA extraction from primary tubes to DNA storage tubes.
  • Sends e-mail notification when the run is complete.
  • Ability to modify parameters and store as new protocol.
Customer’s Safety
  • Prevent your from sample to reduce the possible risk of injuries and accidents
  • Provide liquid level detection / clot detection for accurate pipetting using positive air pressure. Enable e-mail alert.
  • Restart function allows error correction and continuation of a run.
Sample Identification
  • Ability to read and record barcodes on primary tubes throughout the process to preserve sample integrity.
  • Reads and records barcodes on primary tubes.
  • Has an internal barcode scanner to verify sample input and DNA output.
  • Creates a map of sample and DNA output positions.
  • Run up to 30 samples in a single run.
  • Can draw sample from a variety of primary tube sizes.
  • Sample type: Fresh or frozen whole blood, buffy coats, Oragene DNA saliva, animal tissue, cells, buccal swabs, and so on.
  • Extract DNA from 1.0 to 10.0 mLs whole blood.
Product Name Gene Prep Star Automated DNA isolation system
Model NA-480 PLUS
Maximum sample / run Whole Blood 5 mL, Oragene 2 mL:30 samples
Whole Blood 10 mL, Oragene 4 mL:15 samples
Sample input Primary tube, Oragene tube or Kurabo 5-hole tube (NT-2100S)
DNA output SBS plate or Kurabo 5-hole tube (NT-2000)
System Components Centrifuge – 6 bucket swing rotor max.3,900rpm (2,500G)
Dispenser for reagent line – 9 channels, syringe model
Robot Unit
Working table unit
Agitator unit – Eccentric rotating vibration
Heater unit – Far infrared heater
HEPA filter
Built -in barcode reader
Sample Tracking software
Primary tube tray – for 30 samples
Dispenser for sample transfer – 3 channels with liquid level detection unit
Electric control Internal microprocessor
Screen LCD touch screen panel
Power supply Voltage AC 100-230V
Frequency 50/60Hz; Capacity 1.5KVA *2line( 1KVA+0.5KVA)
Dimension W 1,610 x D 760×1,535 (mm)
Sample tracking FS Sample Tracking software *Microsoft Windows7 or 10* PC required
Weight 488 kg

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