Chromosome Harvesting

HANABI Metaphase Chromosome Harvesters fully automate the process to prep and harvest metaphase cells.

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Chromosome Spreading

HANABI Metaphase Chromosome Spreaders provide optimised conditions to fully automate the process to prepare chromosome spreads.

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Chromosome Staining

ADS Biotec offers the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology in chromosome staining automation.

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Cell Isolator Systems

HANABI Automated Isolator Systems allow increased throughput of lymphocyte isolation and increase productivity.

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Nucleic Acid Extraction

QuickGene Nucleic Acid Extraction Systems and associated reagents provide an innovative method to make the process of nucleic acid isolation quicker and easier.

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Boost Productivity with Our Advanced Automated Systems

Our technology and services enable our customers to increase productivity and throughput while maintaining a high degree of quality and consistency.

Our HANABI Metaphase Chromosome Harvesters, Spreaders and Stainers are designed for today’s cytogenetic laboratories requiring increased productivity and throughput with the consistent, professional quality you demand every time.

Our QuickGene and GenePrep STAR platforms provide a complete range of nucleic acid extraction and purification solutions, from fully automated large-volume systems to semi-automatic and manual benchtop units.

ADS Biotec offers best-in-class columns and buffers for the separation and purification of RNA and DNA molecules. The RNASep™ and DNASep™ line of columns are comprised of uniform alkylated nonporous or macro-porous polystyrene-divinylbenzene (PS-DVB) copolymer) microspheres, providing high performance nucleic acid separations. These versatile columns can be used with most HPLC systems for many RNA/DNA separations and purification.