HANABI-S1020 Auto Chromosome Staining System

The HANABI-S1020 is designed to radically improve the speed, efficiency and repetitive quality of cytogenetic stained slide specimens.

The HANABI-S1020 is capable of processing slides in batches of 20 and features a continuous loading mode allowing the operator to load another batch of slides as the first batch is being processed.

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ADS Biotec offers the most advanced and state-of -the-art technology in cytogenetics automation. The HANABI-S1020 Auto Chromosome Staining System is designed for today’s cytogenetic laboratories that require increase throughput, improving productivity resulting in consistent, high-quality slide specimens.

The HANABI-S1020 dramatically reduces the entire slide staining process from days to just minutes by incorporating a unique  patented UV aging feature (patent number 6146885).  Aging of the slides by UV light produces consistent and high quality specimens resulting in a truly high-throughput, high-quality solution for staining slides.

System technology fully automates the entire staining process eliminating variability compared to manual methods.

Features and Benefits
20 slides walk away capability
Continuous loading mode
Samples traceability
Touch screen control panel
Low maintenance and ease of use
UV aging unique feature
Increased laboratory productivity


HANABI-S1020 Support Plan
White Paper – G-Banding of Metaphase Chromosome Spreads
using the HANABI-S1020 Auto-Chromosome
Staining System and Wright Stain


1Number of processed samples20 slides / Batch
2Processing time~30 minutes (processing 20 slides / batch, normal mode) ~60 minutes (processing 20 slides / batch, eco-mode)Test operation mode
Processing time with a single glass slide: Approximately 20
3Size of glass slides76×26×0.8~1.2 mm, 75×25×0.8~1.2 mmRecommend glass slides with frosted end
4ReagentsTrypsin ( dip time: 3 - 30 min)
Ethanol (dip time: 0 - 120 sec)
Giemsa stain solution (dip time: 3 - 15 min)
Water (dip time: 0 - 60 sec)
5Reagent ConsumptionEco-mode: Trypsin (80 mL), ethanol (80 mL), water (80 mL)
Normal mode: Trypsin (160 mL), ethanol (160 mL), water (160 mL)
Giemsa stain solution: 340 mL
6Trypsin temperature30°C
7Giemsa stain solution BathExchanged each runThere is a setting of refreshing Giemsa solution per batch
8Operating environment15-30°C, 20-60%RHNon-condensing
9Storage environment0-40°C, 0-95%RHNon-condensing, non-icing
10Atmospheric Pressure800 - 1114hPa2000 meters or lower
11Power Input Voltage100 - 120, 200 - 240VAC (+/-10%)Voltage and 50/60Hz are option of the order.
12Power consumption800W
13Externals Dimensions700×630×930 mm (WxDxH)Without switches and touch panel
14Weight100 kgWithout attachments
15Safety StandardCE MarkedEN 61326-1, EN 61010-1


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