Triethylammonium Acetate Buffer A – 0.1 M TEAA in Water

Case of 4 x 2.5 liter bottles – Triethylammonium Acetate Buffer A

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Product Description

Triethylammonium Acetate Buffer A was specifically developed to provide highly reproducible retention times with HPLC systems. These optimized buffers have a longer shelf life than buffers prepared from concentrate. They allow you to generate reproducible data from day to day, week to week, system to system and lab to lab. Not only will they save you time, but reduce problems with water quality and maintenance of purification systems.

ADS Biotec HPLC buffers are made in dedicated tanks under scrupulously controlled conditions to ensure clean baselines and long shelf life. For accuracy and consistency, all measurements are performed gravimetrically rather than volumetrically. Most alternative buffers are made in small batches, which typically lead to variations. For example, foreign particles in the volumetric flask can contaminate the buffer, evaporation can affect the concentration of acetonitrile, and fluctuations in temperature can change the volume of the buffer. The possibility of contamination is also higher from non-certified sources of de-ionized water. ADS Biotec optimized buffers are designed and prepared with optimal reagents and conditions to eliminate these problems.


  • Measurements are done gravimetrically to ensure correct concentrations of triethylammonium acetate (TEAA) and acetonitrile
  • Manufactured with the purest chemicals in a metal-free and and clean environment
  • Buffer bottles are conveniently shaped and sized allowing the neck to fit most HPLC system caps


  • Highly reproducible retention times from batch to batch
  • Clean baseline and long shelf-life
  • Eliminates buffer transfer – just open the bottle and connect it to your HPLC system
  • Minimizes operator exposure to acetonitrile
  • Decreases evaporation of acetonitrile – a common cause of batch-to-batch variation in laboratory made and other purchased buffers


Figure 1. Repetitive DNA Sizing Control Sample Injections 10 μL
Retention times are consistent throughout this series of injections; corresponding peak heights and baseline resolution are unchanged.

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