HANABI-PIII Plus Metaphase Chromosome Harvester

The HANABI-PIII Plus reduces hands-on time of the entire harvesting process by 75% allowing time for other specialized tasks, providing increased throughput for your laboratory. Specifically created for large-size samples throughput, the HANABI-PIII Plus enables processing up to 64 samples per run eliminates variability compared to manual processing methods.
The HANABI-PIII Plus can be integrated with additional options such as reagent sensors, waste fluid tank sensors, extra fixative line, the HANABI-SPI (auto fixative mixer), the sample loading optimization rack and the ultimate LIMS feature for accurate data tracking and storage.

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Product Description

ADS Biotec offers the most advanced and state-of -the-art technology in cytogenetics automation. The HANABI-PIII Plus Metaphase Chromosome Harvester is designed for today’s cytogenetic laboratories System that require increased productivity and throughput with the consistent, professional quality you demand every time.
The HANABI-PIII Plus benchmark technology fully automates the multi-step process of preparing and harvesting metaphase cells derived from blood and bone marrow cell cultures and from other cell suspension cultures for cytogenetic analysis.

Features and Benefits
-Increased Laboratory Productivity
-64 sample walk-away harvesting capability
– Automated sample processing: Centrifugation, Vortexing, Aspiration, Injection
-Highly consistent results
-Increased sample loading loading efficiency by 80%
-Hypotonic setting time flexibility
-Optimized for high volume bone marrow samples
-Touch screen control panel
-6 adjustable harvesting protocols
-Low maintenance and ease of use
-LIMS integration
-Designed to allocate our SPI Auto-fixative mixer
-Additional features available


Centrifugal tube15mLFalcon (Polypropylene)
Culture cell suspensions10mL (Max)Typical 5mL
Total Processing Time2.5hrs (Approx..)64 samples (30 min Hypotonic)
Hypotonic treatment temperature37ºCPreheating, Select ON/OFF
Centrifuge section temperature37ºCAir bath, Select ON/OFF
Centrifuge1 to 10 minutes at 1,000 rpmApproximately 310 force
Protocol selection6A, B, C, D, E, F
Operating environment15-30ºC, 20-60% relative humidityNon-condensing
Storage Temperature0-40ºC, 0-95% relative humidityNon-condensing, Non-icing
Atmospheric pressure800-1114hPa2,000 meters or lower
Pollution degree2Non-conductive levels
Input voltage100, 120, 230 VACVoltage and 50/60 Hz require order specification
Power Consumption800W
External Size mm (W x H x D)1,005 x 2,200 x 730Without reagent bottles mount and safety filer
Weight480 kg (Approx.)
Safety FilterHEPA + Carbon Filter European version only
Safety StandardsCE MarkedEN61010-1, EN61000-4

US Brochure HANABI PIII Plus – 64 samples
EU Brochure HANABI PIII Plus – 64 samples