HANABI System Interface (HSI)

The HANABI System Interface (HSI) captures data output from the HANABI PI, PII Plus, or PIII Plus and holds it for retrieval by the operator, or for upload to the user’s Lab Information System computer network.

This is accomplished by running an application (called HSI) on a tablet or laptop computer that is configured to capture a data stream issued from the HANABI Harvester via its RS232 communication port.

All run parameters that are set and stored on the HANABI Harvester become part of this run stream. Each batch run on the instrument is given a unique RUN number by which it is identified.

The data captured from the HANABI Harvester is saved in Excel and XML format by the HANABI-HSI Application.


ADS Biotec offers the most advanced and state-of -the-art technology in cytogenetics automation. The HANABI System Interface (HSI) is designed for today’s cytogenetic laboratories that require increased productivity and accurate workflow information data management.

The HANABI-HSI accessory is compatible with the HANABI PI, PII Plus, and PIII Plus Harvesters and provides users the means to capture operational data from their runs for later retrieval and review.

Features and Benefits

• Increased Laboratory Productivity • Easy-to-use software interface
• Access archived data • Windows 10 Operating System
• Tracing productivity • XML format data output
• Compatible with our HANABI PI, PII Plus, and PIII Plus • Customization available
Operating systemWindows 10
Laptop computerLenovo ThinkPad
Connection cableSerial RS232C
Bar code scanning systemOmnidirectional reader (1D & 2D)
Data outputXML file

Hanabi-HSI Sales Flyer – (US)
Hanabi-HSI Sales Flyer – (EU)

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