OligoSep™ Cartridge – Oligonucleotide Analysis Column

4.6 mm x 50 mm – High resolution ds/ssDNA analysis, sizing, and mutation detection.  High resolution RNA analysis

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The OligoSep™  Oligonucleotide Analysis Column uses alkylated non-porous polystyrene-divinylbenzene (PS-DVB) copolymer microspheres for high performance nucleic acid separations. These versatile columns can be used with the WAVE® and a variety of other HPLC Systems.

Oligonucleotide Standard AgedOligoSep™ Cartridge

  • Oligo purity assessment
  • Excellent sensitivity and resolution
  • Useful for method validation prior to scale-up

Item Number: NUC-99-3550

4.6 x 50 mm, non-porous PS\DVB resin matrix, column capacity 200 μg.



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