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Optimized HPLC Buffer Pack

The optimized HPLC Buffer Pack contains 12 bottles Buffer A (2.5 L ea.), 12 bottles Buffer B (2.5 L ea.), 4 bottles Syringe Wash Solution (2.5 L ea.), 4 bottles Solution D (2.5 L ea.), 5 vials Mutation Standard 56º C, 3 vials Sizing Standard, 2 vials Mutation Standard 64º C, 4 vials Mutation Standard 70º C, 6 inline filters and 1 DNASep® Cartridge

SKU: SP2011

Keeping analysis costs low is very important, and that is why ADS Biotec offers the economical Optimized HPLC buffer pack and Optimized HPLC HT pack. These packages have been developed to provide convenience and maximum savings for the researcher using HPLC instrumentation. All of the necessary consumables for daily operation are included.

  • Enough consumables in one pack to run 62 plates
  • Lower operating costs
  • Significant savings over individual consumables list price
  • Optimized buffers are ready to use and decrease variability in results
  • All necessary standards to verify system performance
  • All lots QC tested on HPLC systems

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