RNASep™ Semi-Prep – High Capacity RNA Purification Column

21.2 mm x 100 mm – for variety of RNA applications, load capacity of 600µg total RNA.

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Product Description

RNASepTM  Semi-Prep is a high capacity RNA purification column that uses alkylated non-porous polystyrene-divinylbenzene (PS-DVB) copolymer microspheres for high performance nucleic acid separations. These versatile columnss can be used with a variety of HPLC systems for RNA analysis and purification.

RNA Transcript

RNASep Semi-Prep Cartridge

  • RNA purification scale-up for downstream therapeutic\biological use
  • High-loading capacity
  • Ideal for 2-step purifications
  • Automate with fraction collection

Item Number: RPC-99-2110

21.2 x 100 mm, non-porous PS\DVB resin matrix, column capacity 600 µg total RNA.

  • Guide: Guide for RNASep Semi-Prep Column Care
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