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QuickGene DNA Extraction Whole Blood Kit S

The QuickGene DNA Extraction Whole Blood Kit S (small volume) is designed to isolate genomic DNA and work with ADS Biotec’s QuickGene Mini480 Nucleic Acid Extraction System. Get the highest purity and yield while processing up to 48 blood samples in a single run.

The DNA Whole Blood Kit S includes cartridges, waste tubes and reagents (96 reactions).


The QuickGene DNA Extraction Whole Blood Kit S helps deliver rapid Nucleic Acid Extraction and Purification of genomic DNA. As part of aintegrated DNA extraction process from primary tube to final DNA storage tubes, it ensures no cross-contamination and prevents human error processing.  

The automated QuickGene Mini480 system can process 48 samples, up to 0.2 mL, in a single run.   

Pre-packaged kits reduce the risk of contamination, improve efficient processing time with fewer steps, and boost throughput

The QuickGene DNA Extraction Whole Blood Kit S includes the following items.

Item Qty
Cartridges 96 x 1 each
Waste tubes 96 x 1 each
Protease (EDB) 5 x 1 each
Lysis buffer (LDB) 2 x 1 each
Wash buffer (WDB) 4 x 1 each
Elution buffer (CDB) 1 x


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